Our Treatments

  • It is a medical product that is surgically placed into the jawbone or skull bones to use as a fixed support in crowns, bridges, removable dental prostheses, facial prostheses or orthodontic treatments.
  • Aesthetic dentistry, bonding, teeth whitening, laminated teeth, zirconium teeth, etc. to create aesthetic tooth designs. It is a dental skill that combines treatments such as orthodontics and prosthetics.
  • Root canal treatment is an intervention performed when the pulp of the tooth is irreversibly inflamed.
  • Prostheses that replace missing teeth are custom made. Prostheses produced according to the individual needs of the patients are ensured to fit the human mouth and look natural.
  • By using a high-tech scanning and scraping device called CAD / CAM, patients can perform painless, maximum functionality and aesthetic treatment in 1-2 hours between their busy schedules.
  • Smile design is the process of giving a natural and beautiful appearance to the teeth and gums that are aesthetically deteriorated for various reasons, taking into account the face shape and needs of the patients.